Orlando, FL Carpet Care Tips

Maintaining the pleasant appearance of your residential or commercial carpet, as well as improving its longevity does not necessarily mean spending tons of cash on repair or replacement cost. Although a proper, deep cleaning is the most efficient way of keeping carpets look clean and healthy for a much longer period of time, there are also other methods that will aid in making sure your rugs will last for many years to come. This is the first of a two part series on caring for your Orlando area carpets. Read on to find out what these tips are.

  • Regular Vacuuming

Giving carpets constant vacuuming will no doubt preserve their cleanliness. However, many carpet owners ignore this pretty simple cleaning guideline yet what they don’t realize is that vacuuming of rugs for at least 3 times a week will make such a big difference on its condition.

It’s recommended that you use a vacuum cleaner with a beater brush and excellent filtration system to guarantee of the best cleaning outcome. Also, carpets located on areas which receives tons of traffic – for instance those used in business establishments – must be vacuumed more often in order to avoid dirt and contaminants from getting trapped deep down the fibers that will later on result to scratching and possible damage of the rug’s fabric and dye material.

  • Don’t Let Stains Linger for Long

Staining is one of the common problems a carpet undergoes. What makes stain such a challenge to get rid of is that once it become stubborn, it will be impossible to eliminate them using in-store products or cleaning solutions found at your home.

The key to eradicating stains successfully is by making sure that you immediately remove them right after the spill happens. When you are able to instantly take out those dirty markings, it’s less likely that they will become stubborn or permanent. If you are attempting to manually get rid of stains, gently blot it using a soft cloth or fabric then work towards the middle area to prevent the spill from spreading into other parts of the rug. Once the staining have turned serious and stubborn, it’s best that you call the help of professional cleaners.

  • Proper, Deep Clean from the Experts

All carpets, may it be at home or in the office, will need a proper and thorough cleaning from expert technicians since these professional are capable of removing not just surface dirt and grime but also deep-seated, harmful contaminants that are normally invisible to the human eyes and cannot be eradicated with just regular vacuuming. In fact, majority of manufactures suggest that rugs get constantly cleaned by the pros once every 6-18 months; depending on the amount of traffic they receive daily. Find a reliable and experienced carpet cleaning company in your area that will give your valued carpet the best cleaning experience.

Part 2 will continue this discussion tomorrow.