Orlando Carpet Care Tips, Part 2

Orlando Carpet Steam CleaningYesterday, we wrote part one about how to care for your Orlando, FL carpets. These tips will extend the life of your carpets and rugs, while also helping them look great. Below, we continue our discussion on the best carpet care tips.


  • Place Doormats on Entrance Ways

Even the simple task or putting doormats on every entrance of your home or office will actually help to lessen the amount of dirt and dust that will be transferred on the carpets, as well as the inside premises of your property. You can also make your rugs looking neat for much longer by placing mats on top of the carpet or on highly wearable areas such as in front of a sofa or couch, plus on the entrance and exit ways of a room.

Politely request family members and guests if they can take-off their shoes/slippers when they enter your home for this will help avoid your carpet from getting lots of soiling, making your cleaning maintenance much easier.

  • Use Stain Protection Sealant

Have your carpets resist spill and stains for up to 24 months by using stain protection sealant. The spraying of this clear and odorless sealant is best done by professionals to ensure that they are applied correctly. Aside from protecting your rugs against staining, a stain protection sealant will also avoid dirt from getting deeply fixated into the fibers; thus vacuuming your rug will become simpler and will surely bring efficient results.

Keeping Carpets Looking Clean and Beautiful for Long

You already know and understand why it’s important to keep the cleanliness and health of your rugs so make sure to give them the proper and deep cleaning that they deserve. Following the tips mentioned above will definitely help maintain the like-new appearance and spotless clean condition of your residential or commercial carpets for a much longer period of time.

As always, Orlando Carpet Cleaning provides affordable cleaning services in the Orlando metro area. Contact us today to let us care for your carpets and rugs, or to get a free estimate.